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  • skazka2

    Cake Roll Skazka Traditional “Dobyninskiy”, 500g

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  • cakeset 1

    Cake Assorted Pastry Traditional “Dobryninskiy”, 576g

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  • cucumbers

    Vegetables Fresh Crunchy Cucumbers – 3lbs

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  • Smelt

    Fish Frozen Smelt from Alaska, per lb

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  • 190 1

    Cheese Curd Bar Chocolate Dadu – 45g

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  • 45454e704de236032b9b966becefee30d7724470

    Cottage Farmer Cheese 9% (Bandi) – 500g

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  • 9b3d23f6249abb0f1c9944c5708d246de4c104a0

    Borodino Borodinskiy Bread – 700g

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  • a1fedc2f02dac0170d4602d9e75dcc4627d96751

    Cottage Farmer Cheese 5% (Bandi) – 400g

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  • red fish roe spoon closeup caviar 131313848

    Caviar Red Salmon Pink Peter Pan #1,Wild New Season – 5.5oz/156 g

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  • pike roe

    Caviar Pike Caviar Wild Canada Northern Pike Roe – 12oz/333g

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  • Black Caviar Siberian Sturgeon Premium - 4oz

    Black Caviar Siberian Sturgeon Premium – 4oz

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  • Caviar Red Salmon Pink Gosudarev Zakaz, tin – 907g

    Caviar Red Salmon Pink Gosudarev Zakaz, tin – 907g

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I bought a lot of my favorite treats and delicacies here! Everything was so delicious. Thanks for your hard work!


Thank you, I received my order today. Everything was fresh and tasty! Home delivery is very convenient.

Victoria L.

Great products! The pancakes with your caviar made the first morning of 2021 a delight!

Anna S.

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